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Powder Coating for the Leisure Industry

Leisure Sector – highest quality powder coated finish

With a modern well-maintained plant, and skilled staff we can offer the highest quality powder coated finish available.

We appreciate the opportunity to get involved at an early stage of product development and actively seek customers with demanding specifications.

Please contact us whatever your product and we will work hard to produce the very best from the colours that you want to use. We can advise you on many of the important but often neglected areas of the powder coating process including the best process route for your product, the packing of the product after coating and the best type of powder technology for your application.

Leisure Industry News & Case Studies

2607, 2023

EQC Enhances Wardill Motorcycles with Exquisite Finishes

In a remarkable collaboration that highlights the commitment to excellence of both Welsh businesses and the artistry of motorcycle craftsmanship, Euro Quality Coatings (EQC) has become the go-to service for Wardill Motorcycles, delivering stunning finishes that captivate the eye and elevate the riding experience. Mark Wardill, the founder of Wardill Motorcycles, has entrusted EQC with the crucial task of professionally coating the raw metal components of his handcrafted machines, transforming them into stunningly shiny works of art.

1105, 2023

Speedy project for the Coronation for Brompton Bicycles

EQC produce a Coronation super-speedy special finish request for our customer Brompton Bicycles. Completed and delivered in less than 72 hours which saw Royal portrait photographer, Hugo Burnand, and his team, setting out to Buckingham Palace on their Brompton bikes.

111, 2022

EQC and Brompton Bicycles

EQC pride themselves on their long-term interactive relationships. Brompton Bicycles is one such example of an exemplary partnership, one that Steve Rosher, EQC Executive Director describes as “Getting in each other’s heads, with [...]

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We have great deal of experience in serving the leisure industry including:

  • Bicycle frames
  • Bicycle frame refurbishment
  • Coin operated machines
  • Gym equipment
  • Line marking machines
  • Children’s play equipment
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