Anti Microbial Powder Coating

Euro Quality Coatings (EQC) offers medical grade, anti-microbial powder coating for use in medical and health care applications.

Our medical powder coating is specially designed to prevent the spread of bacteria, moulds, and fungus, making it ideal for material used in hospitals, surgeries, dental practices, and other sterile environments.

Using medical powder coating can help prevent the spread of hospital borne diseases, thus protecting both patients and staff from harm.

Employing our medical powder coating also ensures exterior durability and prevents corrosion and chemical damage.

And when it comes to quality, we make no exceptions. We monitor the medical coating process every step of the way. With extensive in-process controls, end of line inspection, and end of line testing guaranteeing a top quality end product.

Here at EQC, we can offer anti-bacterial coatings for a range of products used in the healthcare sector, including: interior panels, cable trunking, door push plates, and door handles.

Other Products we can provide anti bacterial powder coating for are:

  • Mobility aids
  • Wheelchair components
  • Stair Lift components
  • Tubular tables and chairs
  • Anti-bacterial door architecture
  • Diagnostic equipment enclosures

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