Corporate and Social Responsibility Policy

Euro Quality Coatings see corporate responsibility as an integral part of how we do business. We understand how we can use the power of our organisation, and the charisma and passion of our employees, to create significant change, especially within our chosen areas of activity. In order to progress this and make it part of our long term company ethos, we have set business targets that embed our corporate responsibility goals into the company’s long term growth and innovation strategies.

Quality and Service

The strength of our business is only as good as the products and services we provide. We are committed to offering products and services which are superior in quality, value, innovation and ingenuity. We base the foundation of our business on Quality. We aim to exceed our customers’ expectations every time.

Respect for Colleagues

We value the diversity of our colleagues and believe that their involvement within the business is crucial to its long term success. They are our most important asset. We treat all people with dignity, respect and fairness and empower them to think and work on their own initiative. Through training, development and equal opportunity policies we ensure that all employees have the opportunity to achieve personal growth and fulfilment in their career.


We are committed to the training and development of our people. Working as a team we understand we are stronger and able to offer far greater input than as single individuals. We will strive to develop and maintain a team ethos within the business where each individual will be able to perform at the full extent of their ability. Our commitment to the Investors in People programme will underpin this team working culture.

Business performance

We will strive to earn the maximum return possible on investment which, will ensure the future security of the company and protect a sustainable supply route for our stakeholders. We will ensure our long term growth by the use of continuous improvement tools, departmental and business measurement and contribution analysis. We will develop our team members in the core competencies of the business and ensure that the critical skills required for our processes and performance is maintained.

Environment, health and safety

Through our commitment to business excellence we have published policies covering health and safety, quality and environment. We are fully committed to the long term protection of the environment and understand the impacts that we can have on it, both immediately and in the longer term. We will use our natural resources in a sustainable way which means we will recycle, reduce consumption and re-use as many of our resources as possible. We have put in place policies and procedures to ensure that all employees are aware of our environmental commitments. We will look to play a positive part in the development of the local community thereby contributing to prosperity and harmony.


We treat our employees, customers and suppliers as Stakeholders. We are committed to acting in a professional manner with integrity and character and have developed a culture of honesty, respect and harmony. We will act properly in all that we do and conduct business in an ethical and fair manner. We will not be complicit in corrupt, unfair or illegal practices anywhere within our supply chain.