Anti Graffiti Powder Coating

Do you need to protect your powder coated products from the nuisance of Graffiti?

Anti-Graffiti powder coatings are high performing Polyurethane based products which ensure easy cleaning of graffiti and provide long term protection from vandalism.

Graffiti applied onto these finishes can be removed repeatedly and effectively without sacrificing the appearance of the applied coating.

The powders are available in smooth and leatherette textures and in the full colour range subject to MTO minimum quantities.

EQC have many years experience in the application of these Anti-graffiti coatings which have been successfully specified on such products as

  • Railway carriage body side panels
  • Railway carriage window panels
  • Railway carriage luggage stacks
  • Railways carriage luggage racks
  • Railway carriage ventilation grills
  • Train station ticket dispensers
  • Car park ticket dispensers

These anti vandal coatings do of course incur some cost increases, but the savings in replacing vandalised products or recoating them all over again can be substantial, especially in high risk areas such as the ones mentioned above. Public facing terminals and dispensers are magnets for vandals and having them removed to be recoated is incredibly time consuming. Whilst not all vandalism is made equal, and it may be possible that a name or something relatively innocuous may not seem like much of an issue, there are certain cases of graffiti which requires a rapid response and removal. Our anti graffiti coating offers you that ability and in doing so can help keep your brand untarnished by inappropriate language, or other such comments.

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