EQC Enhances Wardill Motorcycles with Exquisite Finishes

 In a remarkable collaboration that highlights the commitment to excellence of both Welsh businesses and the artistry of motorcycle craftsmanship, Euro Quality Coatings (EQC) has become the go-to service for Wardill Motorcycles, delivering stunning finishes that captivate the eye and elevate the riding experience. Mark Wardill, the founder of Wardill Motorcycles, has entrusted EQC with the crucial task of professionally coating the raw metal components of his handcrafted machines, transforming them into stunningly shiny works of art.

Wardill Motorcycles has a rich legacy in the industry, renowned for producing custom-made motorcycles that blend timeless aesthetics with modern engineering. As a proud Welsh entrepreneur, Mark Wardill prioritises working with local businesses, fostering a sense of community and nurturing the talent within his region. When it comes to coatings, Wardill found his perfect match in Welsh based EQC, enjoying the benefits of their professionalism, swift turnaround times and exceptional finish quality.

When asked what sets EQC apart Mark said “It is their ability to breathe new life into raw metal components, expertly applying powder coatings that not only protect the surface but also enhance its appearance. The result is a flawless finish that not only catches the eye but also provides durability for the long haul”. EQC’s keen eye for aesthetics and an unwavering commitment to quality, ensures that every Wardill motorcycle emerges from their facility with a finish that surpasses expectations.

Inspired by the caliber of EQC’s work, Mark Wardill was particularly drawn to the fact that the company also provides coatings for Brompton Bikes, who are renowned for their exceptional design and craftsmanship. Recognising the attention to detail and level of perfection EQC brings to each project, Wardill felt confident that if it was good enough for Brompton Bikes, it was undoubtedly the right choice for his own motorcycles.

For riders who seek the pinnacle of craftsmanship and aesthetics, Wardill Motorcycles offers the Wardill 4, the latest addition to their revered line-up. Mark Wardill invites motorcycle enthusiasts to experience the precision engineering, timeless design and now, the breath-taking finishes delivered by EQC. Those interested in the Wardill 4 can reach out to Mark directly through the Wardill Motorcycles website wardillmotorcycles.com

To explore the exceptional powder coating services provided by Euro Quality Coatings, you can visit the EQC website or reach out to their dedicated team for a consultation on the ideal finish for their project.

With the collaboration between Wardill Motorcycles and EQC, Welsh craftsmanship and precision engineering are elevated to new heights. The melding of these two exceptional businesses promises to captivate the hearts of motorcycle enthusiasts and leave a lasting impression on the road for years to come.