EQC pride themselves on their long-term interactive relationships.

Brompton Bicycles is one such example of an exemplary partnership, one that Steve Rosher, EQC Executive Director describes as

“Getting in each other’s heads, with shared goals and working together to improve the quality of product supplied to Brompton while controlling cost”.

Brompton Bicycles are brand leaders in building folding bikes and make useful products that are built to last. The Brompton product is more than just a bike. Since 1975 Andrew Ritchie, engineer and inventor has obsessively honed his invention and self-taught bike building skills from a small, rented workshop in a local engineering company – hand-making every customer bike to order. Brompton has since evolved, continually growing, and refining their product range with launches of the superlight model in 2005 and the Brompton T Line in 2022.

The Brompton and EQC relationship has grown in terms of quantity over 18 years, starting with 50 frame parts per week and now, in more recent years, increasing to 1000 frame parts per week. Logistically a vehicle load of bike frames a week is both incoming and outgoing. The focus being on the specialist finishes and range of colours that EQC provide that is unique to Brompton Bicycles. The finish is technically complex with geometric shapes, add to that the demanded consistency of quality and delivery that is fundamental to Brompton’s brand, underpins EQC’s success as their ongoing finishing partner.

Company growth is closely aligned to the continual quality of the Brompton Bicycle, Will Butler-Adams Managing Director makes it clear

“our high expectations and demands of ourselves, is also reflected in our choice of partners and subcontractors. Our relationship with EQC has extended over 18 years and is cemented in trust and the confidence that the product is right every time”.

As one of the leading coatings applicators in the UK, Euro Quality Coatings Ltd has a network of customers right across England and Wales. Attention to detail at every stage of the coating process is maintained through a series of comprehensive in-process controls, end of line inspection and end of line testing. EQC is QUALICOAT accredited and committed to maintaining and promoting the quality of coating on steel and aluminium and its alloys for leisure sector applications. QUALICOAT defines comprehensive quality requirements and monitors compliance by licensed plants worldwide. Assurance that EQC provides a premium-grade product delivering long-term value and consistent quality. Further Quality Certificates include ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015

EQC Services include full pre-treatment with both Zirconium phosphate and chrome free pre-treatment processes available for powder coating. EQC also have both automatic and manual powder coating facilities, providing flexibility for both high volume and small batch orders.