EQC Drives Forward Quality and Environmental Responsibility with Switch to Chrome Free

EQC Quality Manager Rhys Davies began the conversion process from Chrome to Chrome Free in 2017. He began with extensive evaluation of each of the available suppliers Chrome Free Pre-treatment offerings, and followed this with many weekends of testing to ensure that whilst the environmental benefits were assessed, quality wasn’t going to be compromised. As the only approved Trade Applicator of powder coatings in Wales, the key to a robust, long lasting and durable finish is the metal preparation and pre-treatment. This is the invisible part of the process, and as such it’s importance is sometimes overlooked. However, it is of paramount importance that the pre-treatment used meets the rigorous demands placed on the many items we coat to ensure that we are still in the position to be the only Welsh Powder Coater able to offer up to 40-year Manufacturer Warranties on our coatings.

Following his intense research and development activities Rhys Davies chose to use the Henkel Chrome Free Pre-treatment, and complimented this with a state of the art Auto Titration and Auto Dosing System. This computerised system not only removes the hazards caused by the manual movement of chemicals, but ensures that chemical supplies are closely monitored and titration levels are tightly controlled to ensure a consistent process is delivered well within the Henkel specification. EQC standard policy of twice daily manual titration checks remain in place to ensure all eventualities are covered, and that we can continue to exceed our customer requirements.

Please see the following link for Acetic Acid Salt Spray Results, underpinning the Quality of our process. Line 2 Chrome Free Mar 19

The change further underpins the environmental activities of the company and keeps us at the forefront of metal pre-treatment technology, whilst enhancing the health and safety of the process for employees, and environmental benefits for all.