Happy 30th Birthday Euro Quality Coatings.

A 30-Year testament to Innovation in Powder Coating Technology.

March 2024 sees Euro Quality Coatings (EQC) celebrate three decades in business, this celebratory journey began in 1994, Initially founded to cater to the discerning needs of the Japanese consumer electronics market, EQC laid its foundation on a commitment of innovation and uncompromising quality. Throughout the last thirty years EQC has set a standard of excellence in UK powder coating technology. This remarkable longevity in business has been marked by transformative growth and unwavering commitment to delivering a top-quality powder coating service and finish.

As Executive Director, Steve Rosher says “Collaboration has been the key to success throughout the last 30 year of showcasing Welsh excellence”. EQC are proud to be a supply partner to Brompton Bicycles for nearly 20 years. In 2023 working to deliver for the Kings Coronation a super-speedy special finish request completed and delivered in less than 72 hours for Royal portrait photographer Hugo Burnand and his team, traversing to Buckingham Palace on their Brompton bikes, solidified EQC’s reputation for delivering exceptional results under tight deadlines. Will Butler-Adams, Brompton Bicycles – Managing Director makes it clear “our high expectations and demands of ourselves, is also reflected in our choice of partners and subcontractors. Our relationship with EQC has extended over 18 years and is cemented in trust and the confidence that the product is right every time”.

Long standing customer Len Smith of JR Industries sum’s up his relationship of nearly three decades by saying “EQC have consistently provided JR Industries with a quality product throughout the companies 30-year relationship. They are one of our most critical suppliers and they always go out of their way to provide us with the very best service. Congratulations on your 30-year anniversary”.

For thirty years based in Cardiff, Wales, EQC has undergone a transformative evolution, expanding its footprint into diverse sectors such as high-quality automotive, construction, leisure, medical, office retail, rail, and road industries. This journey has been fueled by the commitment to staying ahead of the curve, investing continuously in cutting-edge equipment that keeps EQC at the forefront of powder coating technology.

EQC continues to go from strength to strength with their most recent well won accolade of the prestigious QUALICOAT SEASIDE accreditation, it continues to demonstrate an unwavering commitment to providing high-quality and sustainable architectural aluminum coatings for the construction and built environment sector.

Steve Rosher, again “As we look back at our 30 years in the industry, Euro Quality Coatings remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation and setting new standards in powder coating technology”.

Join us in celebrating our three decades of excellence.