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Electrophoretic Coating

The Electrophoretic Coating (e-coat) process is widely used in the automotive and other industries for corrosion protection as it offers the ability to deposit a uniform coating over an entire component including those with bends, cavities or areas which would be hard to coat with a conventional powder coat or liquid spray painting process.

The Euro Quality Coatings e-coating plant is an automatic finishing facility with zinc phosphate pretreatment and using cathodic epoxy black paint. This process is also known as Electrocoating, Electropainting, E Coating, Electrophoretic Deposition (EPD), KTL, E coat, EP coating, Cathodic Dip Painting (CDP) and Electrodeposition.

The e-coat process can be used to produce a basic coating in its own right by giving excellent corrosion protection to components not requiring a more decorative finish. It can also be used in conjunction with a powder coated finish on components that need a higher degree of protection and a more robust and aesthetic finish.

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Typical properties

Colour: Black

Gloss level: 50%

Process: Cathodic Epoxy

Pretreatment: Zinc Phosphate

Corrosion protection: 1000 hours neutral salt spray

Process window: 2000mm x 1300mm x 500mm

Suitable substrates: Steel, Galvanised Steel, Aluminium, Ferrous and Non Ferrous Castings

Euro Quality Coatings uses PPG Powercron 6000 electrocoat but other trade names for electrocoating material includes KTL and cathoguard