Automatic powder coating facility

The fully automatic powder coating facility at Euro Quality Coatings is one of the most modern and advanced facilities in the UK.

The powder coating plant is capable of processing a variety of substrates including aluminium, steel, galvanised steel, e-coated steel and non-ferrous castings. The plant includes a multi-stage inline pretreatment tunnel with both iron phosphate and chromate pretreatment systems.

Powder  application

Powder application is by means of automatic reciprocating powder spray guns with additional facilities to perform manual touch in operations before and after the spray booth. The combination of automatic spray alongside a manual spray capability enables us to provide the best possible coverage of sheet materials and more intricate components.

Powder cure

Powder curing is by means of a gas fired convection oven which is maintained to the highest standard to ensure proper cure of the applied powder coating. Daily temperatutre profiling of the powder curing oven is carried out to ensure reliability of this equipment.

Inspection and packing

End of line inspection and packing is carried out by trained staff. Each job is inspected and packed to individual customer specifications where requested.

See also manual powder spray facility