Paint Stripping

In addition to subcontract powder coating services we also offer specialist chemical and thermal paint stripping services.

We are an ideal partner to any manufacturing organisation where the recovery of paint or powder coated components or the maintenance of manufacturing jigs is required.

Chemical stripping

Our chemical stripping service is used in the recovery of high base value components for a wide number of industries, where cosmetic criticality is a fundamental requirement of the product, utilising superior plant and specialist processes.

By using non aggressive Benzyl Alcohol based stripping chemicals, the company ensures that any component is returned back to its raw state with absolutely no detrimental effect on the base substrate, the process leaving the initially applied pre-treatment in place. Consequently the component can be re-coated without the need for additional preparation activities.

The chemical stripping process is also useful for thin wire or magnetic jigs and powder line flight bars where thermal stripping would cause the jigs to weaken over time.

The chemicals used are environmentally friendly and pose no risk to the substrate, the operators or the customer during any subsequent rework operation. This is particularly important given that the process plant itself is located within an area of special scientific interest.

Thermal Stripping

Thermal Stripping is an efficient and cost effective means of stripping paint and powder coating jigs, racks and large diameter hooks by means of controlled pyrolosis ovens.

This thermal stripping method is of particular interest to those companies that operate powder coating plant where frequent jig stripping is required in order to maintain good electrical contact and hence reduce reject levels.

Thermal stripping can also be an effective method of stripping components prior to re-coating when the subsequent finish is not cosmetically critical


We also have a shotblasting facility for small parts with maximum dimensions of 800mm x 800mm x 800mm