Get your bicycle frame chemically stripped and powder coated

Gary Fisher bike frame Prior to dropping off your bike – Remove wheels, fittings, bearings etc. Be careful to make sure that any rubber or plastic is removed as these will not withstand the stripping and powder coating process. Please also clean off any grease or excessive dirt.
bike frame chemically stripped The process:

1. Chemical stripping – The first step is chemical stripping in a non aggressive benzyl alcohol stripping chemical which normally removes all the old paint but does not damage the frame itself.

 bike frame after pretreatment and masking 2.  Chemical pre-treatment – The next step is chemical pre treatment which is a chemically bonded pre-treatment protecting the substrate from future corrosion attack under the powder coated film.

3.  Masking – Steering tube, bottom bracket and brake lugs masked as standard.

  4. Powder under coat

5. Powder top coat – in a choice of colours:

Signal white, black, signal red, mid brunswick green, yellow green, light green, light blue, cobalt blue, sand yellow, sulfur yellow, pure orange, light pink, red lilac.

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